Awards Creations Revealed

British Hairdressing
Business Awards

Created to promote the professionalism of many hairdressing businesses whilst raising the profile of hairdressing as a career and not just a job. In year one there were 350 attendees but by year 11 over 900 people attended the awards presentation evening.
Presented by: Hairdressers Journal International


British Beauty & Spa Awards

Launched in order to reflect the growth of this maturing industry, to encourage excellence and professionalism ensuring the needs of the ever-growing discerning public. In year one, 250 people attended with a growth to 700 by year ten.
Presented by: Health & Beauty Salon Magazine


The Henries

Applauds and recognises the people responsible for the amazing growth in the Greeting Card industry and those who retail cards. Now in its 12th year over 900 people attend.
Presented by: Progressive Greetings

Awards ceremoniesBritish Beauty and Spa Awards

“I had a wonderful time and was honoured to assist with the judging on such a prestigious award. A unique and unforgettable experience with the added bonus of a lovely day”
Sara, Beauty with Sara